Trading Cryptocurrencies? Cryptocurrency exchange..

The exchanges
The trading platforms

There are many cryptocurrency exchanges available. You can register an account to get a free cryptocurrency wallet and load funds to their wallet.

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You can use Skrill, the Western Union, PayPal, Credit Card to purchase cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin at a certain price and try to sell them off to other buyers when prices go up.

The idea is to buy and hold till the price goes up.


What happens when prices fall? If a trader purchases cryptocurrencies and prices start to fall, a trader can either cut his losses by selling off at a lower price or simply holding them in the wallet until prices bounce back up.

You can also trade cryptocurrencies on trading platforms. Forex and binary options brokers now offer cryptocurrencies mostly Bitcoin and Ethereum on their platforms.

The advantage is that money can be made by buying and selling off when prices rise, or by short selling when prices fall.

How to Trade Cryptocurrencies Profitably

Be Careful; trading cryptocurrencies is not easy. It is difficult and the wide range of price movements can take out your entire capital in short period of time.

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