PlusOneCoin is the social media cryptocurrency

PlusOneCoin is a social media cryptocurrency. Users who read the bulletin board can use their coins to ‘+1’ posts that they like.

This promotes the posts around the site, bringing their message to a larger audience. As a reward, most of the coins go to the post’s author, encouraging them to create further great content.

The rest goes to the site enabling the publisher to enhance and support the community. Everyone is incentivised to create the best content and give it the recognition it deserves. You can even spend your PLUS1 on promoting your own posts.

The coin is a true blockchain-based cryptocurrency and can be traded on exchanges outside ADVFN, therefore it has a monetary value in the real world. Owners of the coin can continue to support the community or simply cash in the coins!


How do I get some PLUS1?
You can buy some from TradeSatoshi, you can get some for free with ADVFN’s Faucet, someone else can give you some by promoting one of your posts, or you can mine coins.

Where do I keep it?
Your PlusOneCoins are accessed through a wallet. You can get a wallet address on the ADVFN PlusOneCoin wallet page. You can deposit coins into your wallet, or withdraw them by moving them to another wallet.

Where can I spend it?
You can spend your PlusOneCoin on ADVFN’s bulletin board, to promote a post or a thread. This transfers the coins to the poster and pushes the post or thread to the top and shows it on the site’s front page for a period of time.

Where can I trade it?
You can buy and sell PlusOneCoin on the exchange TradeSatoshi. It has the ticker PLUS1

Where can I follow it?
You can see the price for PlusOneCoin on ADVFN (COIN:PLUS1USD) or on TradeSatoshi. You can read or join in conversations about it on the PLUS1 thread on ADVFN or on the Bitcoin Talk bulletin board.

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