MJAC London Blockchain Summit 2018

MJAC announces the latest details for the CryptoCompare & MJAC London Blockchain Summit on June 13th.

CryptoCompare, one of the leading websites in the world for information on digital currencies, has teamed up with ADVFN and MJAC Disruptive Investment Conferences to bring the most exciting blockchain event ever to London.

Major players from the blockchain industry will be speaking at the summit, and over 50 eminent companies will be exhibiting. The one-day event will include investment panels, business panels and presentations from the likes of Ripple, Coinbase, Coinfloor, Citi, VanEck, BlockEx and BP Prime, who are Gold Sponsor of the event.

On the Main Stage, Zeeshan Feroz, CEO (UK) of Coinbase, will be presenting on Cryptocurrencies: Creating an Open Financial System; Danny Aranda, Managing Director of Strategic Growth at Ripple, will be discussing Blockchain and the Internet of Value; and Joshua Riddett, Founder & Managing Director of Easy Crypto Hunter will be examining crypto mining and asking: ‘Are Money Making Machines too Good to be True?’ Keynote speaker Chris Burniske, Co-founder of Placeholder Ventures, will present on Relative and Fundamental Valuation Approaches to Cryptoassets.

The Main Stage will also host a number of panel discussions. Ruth Wandhöfer, Managing Director/Global Head of Regulatory & Market Strategy at Citi, will be joined by Simon Taylor, Co-founder and Blockchain Practice Lead at 11:FS, to discuss Regulating Cryptocurrencies; and Ryan Radloff, CEO of CoinShares (UK), will debate alongside investment expert Glen Goodman and Coinfloor’s Head of Liquidity, Mark Lamb, on The Future of Crypto Derivatives. Vitaliy Kedyk, Executive Director of CEX.IO; Stephan Tual, Founder of Atlas Neue; Edd Carlton, Head of OTC Trading at BlockEx, and Norbert Redkie, CEO and Founder of TRUST, make up the ‘Business Panel.’

The ICO & Blockchain Stage – sponsored by HiP – will see discussions and presentations from companies including: Block Stocks, Elevate Group, BHB Network, HiP and Olshansky and Partners. Amanda Green and Jiří (George) Daniel of EY will be presenting their recent paper on Accounting for crypto-assets. Link to report here: https://go.ey.com/2Fw8PPW

Additionally over 30 eminent and emerging companies will be exhibiting. BP Prime is Gold Sponsor of the event, and the exclusive networking after party – open to all delegates – is sponsored by Laneaxis.

Confirmed speakers:
·Zeeshan Feroz – CEO (UK) of Coinbase

·Chris Burniske – Co-founder of Placeholder Ventures

·Claire Wells – Legal & Business Affairs Director for Europe at Circle

·Stephan Tual – Founder of Atlas Neue

·Simon Taylor – Co-founder and Blockchain Practice Lead at 11:FS

·Ryan Radloff – CEO CoinShares (UK)

·Glen Goodman (aka The Shares Guy) – “the world’s most followed investing expert.”

·Vlad Cealicu – Co-founder and CTO at CryptoCompare

·Vitaliy Kedyk – Executive Director at CEX.IO

·Edd Carlton – Head of OTC Trading at BlockEx

·Eugene Kovalyk – CMO at CEX.IO

·Paulo Fiorio – Marketing Manager at Genesis Mining

·Mark Lamb – Co-founder of Coinfloor

·Rick Burnett – Founder/CEO of Laneaxis

·Ruth Wandhöfer – Managing Director/Global Head of Regulatory and Market Strategy at Citi

·Danny Aranda – Managing Director of Strategic Growth at Ripple

·Teana Baker-Taylor – Chief Marketing Officer at Coinfloor

·Norbert Redkie – CEO and Founder of TRUST

·Cassius Kiani – Atlas Neue

·Martin Wos – Chow cryptocurrencyBlock Stocks

·Estefano Elhawary – Co-CEO and CMO at Block Stocks

·Joshua Riddett – Founder & Managing Director of Easy Crypto Hunter

·Giacomo Zucco – Founder of BHB Network

·Alexander Fedotov – Deputy Director at Olshansky and Partners

·Kai Peeters – Founder of HiP

·Amanda Green and Jiří (George) Daniel – EY

The CryptoCompare & MJAC London Blockchain Summit is taking place at Old Billingsgate, 1 Old Billingsgate Walk, London, EC3R 6DX on Wednesday, June 13th, 2018.

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