How to design your own trading strategy

Traders should seek material that is aimed at educating and informing them regarding the markets and their movements. Seeking this information is known as fundamental and technical analysis. It allows traders to evaluate their trading strategies, and help them identify when to apply them to increasingly volatile markets.

Elite traders know that having an edge in their trades is a pinnacle aspect of improving their experience in the markets. GKFX offers an in-depth intensive training course that is full of useful information for traders of all abilities. It covers all things from catching short and aggressive market moves, to riding long-term market flow based on a technical and fundamental analysis.

Whether you’re new to the scene or a seasoned trader you’ll find real insight in this four-hour two-part course offered by GKFX.

Part One: Designing Your Own Trading Strategy

In the first half of the Elite Trader Program you’ll learn how to design your own trading strategy; showing you the necessary skills to adopt a strategy that best fits your style.

The Webinars are client only, and include:

How to evolve as a trader; from newbie to elite level trader
The steps necessary to design your own trading strategy
The key technical analysis tools that you could use in your trading strategy
The opportunity to have your questions answered
How to register?

You can sign up to GKFX Elite trader course for free using this link

Part Two: The Inner Thought Process of an Elite Trader Mind

In the second half of the Elite Trader Program you`ll work through the development stages every trader should pass in order to reach the elite trader status.

The webinars are client only, and include:

The stages of trader development that every Elite Trader should pass through
Monitoring your mindset, how to see where you are in your trader development process
Advanced Psychological Techniques to further develop the Elite Trader Mindset
The opportunity to have your questions answered.

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