Football Index Review. Football Players Trading

Football Index launched by BetIndex. Run by private Jersey based gambling operator established in October 2015.
UK Gambling Commission and Jersey Gambling Commission have already granted operator licenses to the company.

Football Index is a Platform To Buy & Sell Football Players. Just Like Trading Stocks.
Members trading the share prices of famous football players.

Football Index also allows you to earn dividends from shares that you own.

Dividends are payed out based on how much exposure gets in the media and from their performances on the pitch.

These dividends are payed out based on a scale called as “media buzz” and “matchday rankings”

Three Ways To Win in Football Index

Changes In Footballer Prices
The fluctuations in player prices provides a great opportunity to profit from trading either long or short term. Simply Buy Low and Sell High for maximum profits.

Media Rankings
We take 25 UK News Feeds to produce the definitive ‘trending’ Footballer each day. Media Dividends pay out 365 Days a Year, and when there’s no football on we pay three places!

Matchday Rankings
Driven by Opta Data Performance Rankings have four separate dividend opportunities in Top Forward, Midfielder and Defender, plus Top Overall Footballer.

As the competitive nature of football betting markets continues to increase, this unique alternative product can appeal to a wide market of heavily invested football punters, who are searching for something different to standard football markets.


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