British Election Trading Strategies & Invite to Live Webinar

Due to a huge number of requests I will do two live trading and investing the elections (French/UK) and Brexit webinars this week, starting tomorrow – with even more:
1. Strategies
2. Stock names
3. Trading Strategies Before and After the result
4. Trading from now until the Election
5. Trading v Investing risk/rewards
I’m very excited about the elections. What a trading windfall. Just like Brexit and the Scottish referendum.
(see my attached infogram)
On my webinars Tuesday and Wednesday (limited spaces) I will have a ton of information so please bring pen and paper. I am giving more than I ever have because of popular demand.
I want to share the trading opportunities (shares and forex) the UK, French elections and Brexit – beginners to professional traders.
So I send this personal message to you today – trade this election from now, and you won’t need to do any other trades all year.
This is a once in 5 year trading opportunity. I will share in the live webinar Thursday (8pm UK time and Wednesday3pm UK time) how to use it to profit:
  • The best profit opportunities now
  • What the big banks are telling their clients right now
  • How the majority will miss this opportunity
  • Why to buy Pounds over US Dollars – and when
  • Where the money is going in stocks
  • How to use a good broker who won’t shaft you if you make too much money from them

Although my webinar is free it contains far more valuable information than the many you pay thousands for – and as a hedge fund manager I will give you the insider information of where the biggest banks are placing their bets.
I don’t work for a broker, I am not a full-time teacher – so I tell you how to trade for profit – nothing else – as an extension of my ‘Diary of an Internet Trader’ Financial Times columns. 
Registration takes one second.
I am a Fund Manager here in London, and speak on BBC, CNBC and Bloomberg on a weekly basis. Actually I’m called a ‘top forecaster’ by Financial Times.
I have also published 18 books, and the author of Trading Online: A Step-by-Step Guide to CyberProfits, which was the Number 1 best-selling investment book on Amazon UK, and reached Number 2 on the overall best-seller list. It even out-sold the Star Wars: Episode 1 book for a long time.

I realize that your time is valuable, so I want to reassure you that you’ll learn more about how to profit from profits in those 90 minutes on the webinar than in ANY other book, course or website you’ve come across on the subject.

(But because its a training/web clinic webinar, I am limiting the size of the webinar– so I can answer everyone’s questions properly – so please register early).
Go Register For This Free Event Right Here:>>> 
The online webinar system will be limited, which means that you really must secure your spot right now.
It’s free to do, and will be first come, first serve:
Make sure you set aside 90-120 minutes on Tuesday and/orWednesday to meet me online, and be prepared to be blown away.
Have a great day,

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