Bitcoin or Ethereum? Best crypto to invest.

Bitcoin or Ethereum?

Bitcoin has reached a price of around $7,000 at this time, while Ethereum is at around $300. Bitcoin with $7,000 market is much higher than a $300 one, and that means more volatility.

It’s more expensive to buy value, and much more risky to trade through CFDs. The high price market will fluctuate more in price and offer more opportunity.

Bitcoin is even more volatile than the numbers are telling us. Remember volatility help short-term traders make money.

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Bitcoin is more profitable to trade than Ethereum at the moment, especially in short-term trading. Bitcoin will remain volatile in the future as well for fundamental reasons, relating to upgrades, hard forks, and overcoming some difficulties. Bitcoin trading will be volatile in the future. This will create big opportunities for traders. Bitcoin expected to go up and down in price by $600 – $700 in a week, at this $7,000 price. So the opportunity to trade is there.


Ethereum is versatile, not only as a digital cryptocurrency but also as a whole blockchain technology. Ethereum theoretically less secure than Bitcoin, however, its way faster than Bitcoin. Ethereum solves problems that Bitcoin cannot solve. There are real technical differences between two of them.

Ethereum will follow Bitcoin higher for sure, but in terms of mainstream acceptance and market capitalization, Ethereum may grow very large, maybe but maybe larger than Bitcoin.

Ethereum is a key choice for all cryptocurrency investors.

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