Best Destinations To Buy Overseas Property


Overseas property in Italy is on the rise – house sales in Italy grew by more than 17% in Autumn 2016, due to beneficial mortgage rates and good value on the property.

Tuscany is Italy’s most popular region for overseas buyers There is a great deal of variety, from Milan to Venice and Genoa in the North of the country, to the Puglia and Calabria regions in the south, and the islands of Sicily and Sardinia.

Italy’s cautious approach to property lending means that the country has not experienced the boom and like other countries.
Italians tend to switch properties on every 20 years (average figures). The holiday home market is performing well this year. There are currently bargains to be had if you know where to look.


Uncertainty in the French property market has been resolved after the election of Emmanuel Macron. T
So far signs are good that the French economy will grow this year, and the property market has “bottomed out”.
This may make real bargains harder to come by, for the long-term proposition, this could be a great time to invest in a property in France.

This year plenty of variety in France, from Normandy farmhouses in the North, which can be reached from London via Eurostar easily in few hours, to the French Riviera.
Beautiful weather and views of the Mediterranean, to ski chalets in the east of the country and old-style country living in regions such as Bordeaux and Languedoc. France more or less has it all if you have a good budget.

French property is popular with overseas investors. France is a stable proposition. The property market is varied.
Buyers must make sure to do full research before committing. British buyers may be looked on with more suspicion than in previous years, but with the euro strengthening and the Eurozone performing admirably, investing in French property, if you do your homework, of course, is as attractive a proposition as it has been in some years.

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